Puppy Power

Behind every powerful man, there is an even more powerful…puppy?

In a move to further expand its line of political personality comics,  BlueWater Productions will reveal “who is the real ‘top dog’ in Washington” this September  in Puppy Power: Bo Obama.   The book is part of a new series on “White House Leaders” which will also include comics on the President and Vice President (see images below).  BlueWater has already released Female Force: Hilary ClintonFemale Force: Michelle ObamaFemale Force: Sarah Palin,and Female Force: Princess Diana. (Am I the only one who fears/secretly desires a Female Force: Michele Bachmann comic?)

White House Leaders


Wow.  It’s close but I still don’t think we’ve seen a political comic that will top Barack the Barbarian.

TFG Podcast with Best Week Ever writer, Matt Goldich


TFG sat down with Matt Goldich to discuss the upcoming “Writer’s Speak! A Potentially Regrettable Evening With Comedy Writers” forum to be held at the Newseum this Friday.  In discussing the event, we naturally also hit related subjects like the gluten-free lifestyle, a five-word summary of politics today, and whether or not the ‘jerk-off motion’ can be conveyed via an auditory medium.

Goldich, a writer for Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins on VH1, will join writers from the other late night talk/variety shows in Washington DC as part of the White House Correspondents Dinner jokestravaganza.

Matt Goldich can also be seen tonight at Comix in New York City, at 9PM.

Campbell Brown: Still on Maternity Leave

Campbell Brown, host of CNN’s “No Bias, No Bull”, told Mediabistro that she was returning to the anchor desk on June 1st. This of course means that her substitute, Roland Martin, will be filling in through May 29th. And while I dig the “looser” format (i.e. he doesn’t sit at the anchor desk, he has a panel almost everyday, he uses Twitter, etc), I’m beginning to question one of my favorite primetime news shows.

Exhibit A:

Is that your Facebook page?

Why, is that his Facebook page on the laptop? Let’s take a closer look.

Yep, that's m'facebook.

So it is Roland’s Facebook page. No cause for alarm. I mean, unlike CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s Facebook page on a debate night, this actually serves a higher purpose than just status updates. I mean, Roland’s on board with vertically integrating the show. I get it. Viewers like to interact. Roland gets a pass.

Then at 8:55pm EST, this happens.

Exhibit B:

CNN point of "View".

Wait, am I watching CNN or “The View”? Seriously, cause all of a sudden there’s a panel of FIVE ladies with the host, including JILL ZARIN from “Real Housewives of New York City” (ed note: great episode last night BTW). They were all arguing discussing whether or not it is right or wrong to have a secret bank account (in regards to the woman who is suing Bank of America for telling her husband about her secret 800K bank account). The two in the middle were a little crazy and said it was okay and you should have that money in case of divorce (for the record, they are both single). I think Erica Hill (left, next to Roland) was a little afraid to disagree with the two in the middle. Jill Zarin was sane and thought it was completely crazy to have a secret bank account like that. The woman on the right was just happy to be there. And Roland, well, the look on his face immediately after this wide shot says it all:


His exact words in this still were “Chill!” Well said, Roland. Why don’t you send those ladies over to bicker with Elisabeth Hasselbeck so you can get back to reporting about the Swine Flu and Obama’s First 100 Days already.